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How Is Your Online Business Reputation?

Today, more than ever, what you don’t know WILL hurt you. No reputation, poor reputation, or even just one bad review can drive potential customers to your compeitiors. This is why a five star reputation is essential. More than 67% of online viewers (2 out of 3) will look at the reviews when deciding whether or not to do business with you.

Since an astounding 72% of online shoppers give online reviews the same weight as personal referrals, your business needs to be proactive to make sure that your business reputation is as good as it can be.

There is a lot of misinformation being spread about getting business reviews and testimonials. Today getting the right type of reviews in the correct influence directories such as Yelp, Google My Business, etc., is essential.

Recent changes online means that your business reputation and reviews now show up in

  • Maps
  • Google+
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Website Listings
  • Organic Search Results
  • Local Directories

Before you market to get your business in the top results of the search engines, be sure that your reputation is where it should be. ARKtech.Co can help if you are just starting, building your business, or need to fix your business reputation. Please explore some of the options listed below.

Reputation Services

We provide three levels of service known as Signature, Premium or Classic. Each one contains all that is needed for the particular strategy identified in our analysis of your business.

Below you can find some of the details on the components of those services.

    • Strategy |Business Reputation Analysis
        Don’t know where to start or what you need? This service will reveal the best plan of action.
    • Monitoring (24/7) & Review Alerts
        Known as the bare necessities, monitoring the main review sites and getting alerts sent directly to your business is an essential piece for any business.
    • ORM | Online Reputation Management
        There are three levels to reputation management. Once your business analysis is done we can direct you to the right one.
    • Reputation Progress Report & Score
        A reputation progress report is part of our ongoing tactics for positive presence. We score and direct you to where new reviews are needed, and how many are essential.
    • Reputation Marketing
        Services to take your business to the next level involve different phases to showcase your reputation on the web, in social media sites, in images and videos.
    • Testimonial Videos
        Customer feedback and reviews on video pack a powerful punch. Live recordings and spokes model highlights attract and convert consumers to new customers.
    • Customer Feedback Mobile App
        Customer feedback collection is made easy with your custom mobile app. Get vital feedback right on the spot.
    • Media Center
        No need to design review collection materials. We provide a custom business center that contains review collection aids such as stickers, business cards, postcards, stickers and many more. Online ordering is easy and delivery is right to your door.
    • Staff Training Center
        Building a 5 star reputation culture among staff is what helps create a 5 star reputation. Available upon request to Signature and Premium clients.

    Benefits of Working with ARKtech.Co

    Through our proprietary reputation marketing services, our clients have benefited by:

    • Escalations in call volume by as much as 173%,
    • Increases in revenue of 30% or more,
    • Establishing a 4-5 star positive business presence online,
    • Reducing vulnerability to the impact of bad reviews,
    • Accumulating larger numbers of good reviews,
    • Learning how to handle and respond to bad reviews,
    • Enhanced online visibility,
    • Better search engine rankings.

    Are you ready to create, establish or correct your business reputation so that you can build a thriving business with a steady flow of happy customers? If so, contact ARKtech’s reputation service for help today.