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Gary Arundel
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Candy Hallstead
“Diana Guerrero is an extremely talented and educated person. Her ability to write is extraordinary and her love for her various careers is very apparent in everything she does. Ark Lady publishes the news for the Fawnskin community and does a great job of interacting with the local people to keep her material updated and relevant. I highly recommend this writer.”

Chiwah Slater
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Beth Adelman
“Diana is a dynamic and creative writer and really knows her stuff.”

Chris McCormick
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Jordan Schaul
“Diana is a consummate professional. She tactfully handles crisis management issues and embraces evolving disciplines and new media endeavors.”

Rebecca Allen
“Diana L Guerrero amazes me with her knowledge. Her books are valuable tools and she has other articles with advice. Many television producers and news programs call upon Diana for her expertise.”