Reputation Training Center for Business Staff

Reputation Training Center

The Reputation Training Center is an online reputation training school for your staff and other business associates. This custom center helps your business to create a five star reputation culture and take your business and customer service to a new level.

Branded to your business, you simply give the admission information to your team and they can access the center at any time. They simply sign up and log-in, view the training videos and then take a short quiz to assess their leaning and retention.

The total training time is less than an hour and the videos are delivered in short segments. The scores are then delivered to the person taking the quiz and to you, the business owner. Anyone scoring less than 100% is encouraged to review the videos again until the concepts are understood and the quiz score is 100%.

Solid scores show that the team member has retained the important information necessary to build a five star reputation at your business. It is suggested that the reputation training school be utilized with any new hires as part of an orientation.

In addition, if your business conducts annual performance reviews as part of your in house feedback for employees, it is recommended that the reputation training center concepts be reviewed annually at the same time.

The Reputation Training Center for staff is provided to our Reputation Power Suite subscribers but also upon request to qualified businesses. Contact us for more information.