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Online Reputation Management Tools -ORM

Although there are a lot of different online reputation management tools, we believe our solutions are among the best. If you are serious about becoming a market leader for your industry and in attracting more consumers to that they become customers, clients or patients, it is important to assess the best ways to create, manage, monitor and market your business reputation online.

Since 97% of consumers search online with local intent which means your business must have a strong reputation and presence across the web where people are finding your services or products. The best practice is to use a comprehensive suite of reputation practices–and we offer two solutions.

Reputation Power Suite

If your business is ready to power up your reputation, the Reputation Power Suite is absolutely the best investment. An all inclusive solution, this system includes most of what is needed to get your reputation to ROAR!

Reputation Power Suite subscribers benefit from an initial Reputation Analysis, regular Reputation Progress Reports, Reputation Monitoring & Alerts, the Review InBox & Feedback Page, Reputation Marketing to Websites and Social Sites, the Reputation Training Center and a customized Reputation Media Center. In addition, Reputation Power Suite subscribers are eligible for special pricing on Reputation Videos or Customer Testimonial Videos, and the Reputation Customer Feedback App for reviews.

Reputation Feedback Page – Alerts – Inbox – CRM

Feedback is vital to business success and to customer service. An add on to the Reputation Power Suite, in addition to reviews, the feedback center allows customers to go beyond a review and rating their experiences so that you can obtain more information from them while also highlighting additional products and services, staff information and other aspects of your business. The standard option is to collect a name and email address but other optional information such as area code and phone number, city and state may also be obtained.

Because both a disclaimer and terms of service are displayed for approval, it is possible to authentic any reviews and feedback, at the same time, permission is obtained so they can be used for marketing purposes.

Once a customer leaves a rating and agrees to the policy for disclosure, the next step is to take that reviewer to video message based on the rating of that review. If the feedback is positive, the can choose from 3 influence engine sites to leave their review live online or can be sent to a specific URL of choice.

If the feedback is negative, the video message will ask for the opportunity to discuss any issues while highlighting that your business believes that it is important to deliver a first class experience to every customer. The customer will be asked to contact you directly but since the customer information is collected upon submission, your business will also have the right information for follow up on the matter.

Finally, if you use an email service, the customer information can be added to a list for further interactivity. This also makes it possible to follow up with a thank you email message on behalf of your business.

Review InBox

The Review InBox is a mini-suite designed to help you mitigate and manage business online reviews. We create the inbox for your business and you send customers there to leave reviews or feedback. Next, positive reviewers get sent over to a specific URL to make it live online. If it is a negative review, the reviewer is asked to contact the business owner and their contact information is collected so you can respond before it goes live online. The inbox also features 4 & 5 star reviews as social proof to leverage your good reputation so it stays five star. Includes the Feedback Page features and Reputation Monitoring & Alerts.

Contact us about the reputation power suite or review inbox for details or to get started today.