Reputation Marketing Services

ARKTech ServicesARKtech offers reputation signature services and provides DIY resources or referrals to trusted power partner agencies for other marketing activities outside our scope. If you are a business owner who wants to move beyond putting out fires and spinning in circles during day-to-day management, we can help.

In addition, theArkLady does provide strategic integrated marketing consulting by referral. Integrated marketing is where offline meets online so you can assess what is working and leverage technology. We like growth strategies that move businesses forward, attract new customers, and reactivate former clients.

Are we a good match? ARKtech has a special interest in eco-friendly (green) industries, marina or maritime, membership organizations (chambers, etc.,) but love clients who want to move forward and want someone to chart new waters or map out a path through the cyber-jungle.

If you are business that does not currently have a monthly marketing budget in mind, we are not a fit and invite you to start with some of the DIY resources.


Reputation is everything. In 2012, WIRED Magazine and TED Talks both highlighted the importance of reputation. This commentary came shortly after the transition of Google Places to Google Plus Local Business which combined search with social and reputation.

Reputation is now as important as your credit history. Think about it, how do reviews and testimonials (the online version of offline word-of-mouth) impact your decisions? The shocking fact is that consumers will select a competitor over your business if they see no reviews, poor reviews, or even one bad review. We can help you take control of the inbox and create, or help you repair, and then market your reputation.

New mentions and citations surface daily out in the cyber-jungle. Continuous reputation services are crucial to promoting the good and mitigating the negative. Most businesses cannot dedicate full time resources to online business reputation, so let us do it for you. Businesses love our many options for the different phases necessary in today’s reputation economy.

ARKtech creates, monitors, manages or repairs your online business reputation so it can be marketed. In addition, your staff gets put into an online reputation training school so your business develops a solid 5 star reputation culture. A few actions we take:

  • Run a reputation analysis to identify initial issues in the vital influence directories.
  • Evaluate review and testimonial status online.
  • Review local business listing optimization status and social media platform presence.

Reputation services may include some or all of the following:

  • Analysis of reputation needs & specific strategy based on current status
  • Create or claim and optimize influence directory and social media accounts
  • Creation of marketing materials for reputation reviews & testimonials
  • Review Inbox or iReview Portal for consumers to leave reviews on business
  • Certificate of Authenticity for reviews collected
  • HIPPA compliant authorization, pseudonym or pen name options
  • 24/7 monitoring of influence directories
  • Early detection alerts for positive and negative feedback
  • Response training on handling both positive and negative reviews
  • Website highlight page or sidebar for testimonials
  • Online promotion of favorable mentions
  • Reputation Training Center staff education portal
  • Advocacy and dialog with influence directories for filtered or suspect reviews

Reputation marketing as an ongoing service may include some or all of the following:

  • 5 star review promotion through social media platforms
  • Reputation video commercial production
  • Video marketing of customer reviews
  • Mobile kiosk for customer review collection onsite
  • Reputation hotline for customer review collection
  • Reputation feedback pages segmented by department or staff members
  • Promotional feedback page that marketing other services

Strategic Analysis

Without the right strategy or know-how, local ranking can be difficult and unproductive. If your online presence isn’t getting enough relevant traffic, ARKtechCo can help analyze and consult on the right offline to online marketing strategies. We can then get you to the right resources or referral partner to assist you.

Some of what we look at:

  • Ranking report
  • Website audit
  • Analytics assessment
  • Competitive research
  • Keyword analysis
  • Off Page SEO
  • Organic link building
  • Local citation correction
  • Influence directory and/or search engine directory submissions
  • Social media profiles and business listings
  • Call tracking and analytics
  • Secret strategies we can’t share here

Ready to start the adventure? Contact ARKTech about reputation marketing!