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Reputation Score & Reputation Progress Report

Working to build a solid five star reputation requires diligence and monitoring of the progress. Our comprehensive strategies include regular reputation scoring & reputation report updates. These reputation reports give hard numbers as to what progress is being made, where vulnerabilities exist, and concrete goals to reduce risk and increase visibility.

Of course, regular monitoring and managing a business reputation is the first step in getting five star status but it is also important to continually analyze and redirect to reduce any vulnerability online.

Reputation Score

As part of our multiple report system, we assign a reputation score. This goes beyond simply helping a business acquire new reviews since an assessment looks at the total number, and where new reviews are best placed–and how many are needed each month to maintain and grow a solid five star presence. Following the strategic path will help give your business the edge over competitors and keep your online presence current despite any online changes.

Reputation Progress Report

Since most businesses will take at least six months to see solid changes, we won’t overwhelm you with reports. But we review the activity daily and assess on a weekly basis based on what was found after the initial reputation report (prior to working with your business). We do provide ongoing updates on a regular basis on a schedule that makes sense for your business and the stage of your reputation.

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