Consumer Review Fairness Act HR 5111

In this episode Diana touches on the latest breaking news when it comes to customer reviews and the recent adoption of the Consumer Review Fairness Act (HR 5111). The act is supposed to protect consumer freedom of speech.

Despite some of the buzz that is circulating, it is not free license for consumers to leave defammatory remarks or to make false statements.

As commerce changes and as reviews continue to trend, it is likely we will see more situations that will need to be addressed. Similar to copyright issues, there tends to be a lag in legislation, regulation or enforcement.

Review sites continue to change their terms of service and review guidelines. Sadly, interpretation of just what gets removed or remains has been inconsistent.

But what this illustrates to the average business owner and for any business or company online, is that strategies and procedures need to be put into place for obtaining feedback and in drafting responses to it. As highlighted in the resource video below, there are some concerns.

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