What Does Your Online Image Project?

Online Reputation Management Survey - What Does Your Online Image Project?

In 2011 Microsoft conducted an online reputation management survey and created an infographic to convey the results.

Although this infographic deals with personal issues, and here at ARKtech we are all about business, we want to stress that whatever you post online is potentially harmful.

This means that if you are representing a brand or business, your personal opinions and actions can be harmful not only to you, but also to that business or brand.

Think carefully about how you handle your online, if you do not have a social media policy outlined for your company, practice or service–put one into place so that there are no ambiguities.

Reputation repair can be a costly, time consuming process so the best strategy is to begin monitoring and managing it early on.

If you are a business organization, service, practice or brick and mortar business and are not aware about just how important reputation can be, contact ARKtech to get your business reputation report and get on the path to becoming proactive instead of reactive.

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