Web-U-Cation Introduction

Web-U-Cation for Business

Web-U-cation at the Big Bear Chamber of Commerce helps businesses learn more about how to best use the Internet.

An astounding 90% of consumers are conducting searches for local businesses and will choose to do business with who they find.

Did you know that most will call or walk into a business within ten minutes of that search?

The business web-u-cation series of events and online trainings is a collaboration between the innovative chamber in Big Bear Lake, California and ARKtech.

In this video, you’ll learn more about the ARKlady, the cyber-jungle trailblazer’s journey and why it is important to learn more about how to navigate and work smarter instead of harder.

There are several options available. For instance, the web-u-cation events are a combination of live events that are recorded and then the webinars are posted for viewing online while the web-u-cation shorts are brief overviews of topics of value and interviews with online professionals specifically for businesses.

The series has started with important topics on a broader scale and will move into specific focus seminars and how to workshops.

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About ARKtechCo

+ArkLady is a cyber-jungle trailblazer based in California specializing in marketing, reputation, webucation and online business education.