The Danger of Fake Reviews

Today there is a flood of shady Internet activities. Recently hitting the news was the posting of fake reviews under authentic customer names.

We always stress that you must adhere to the quality guidelines outlined in the review process. The roofing company owner certainly did the right thing in contacting all the customers who were impacted and correcting the situation.

The statement by the Attorney General illustrates just how serious it can be to use a company that calls with the solution to reviews and posts for the company. This is against the terms of service of the reputation engines and is not a best practice.

We have found that some customers might not want to use their real name, in such cases using initials work well, but some choose pen names.

If you have live events, make sure you have the attendees sign the feedback or review form that allows you to use their statements. This is a solid practice to put in place for those who are not active on the internet and there are ways to utilize those statements authentically.

Our process for the Review Inbox and the Reputation Power Suite is to log the IP address of the person submitting the review and then giving them the option to select a site on the Internet to leave the review. They can then chose to post them on the review sites that have been prioritized to enhance the reputation marketing of the business. In addition, review marketing videos and social site imagery further enhance marketing efforts.

Obtaining reviews and getting customers or clients to post them is an involved process with many rules governing them, if you are a business that needs help with this important social signal and search engine marketing process, always err on the side of caution when hiring a company to assist you.

Correction of mistakes is involved and costly so be conservative and use diligence when selecting someone to assist you.

If you need help with your business reputation online, we can help so don’t hesitate to contact us today or make sure to sign up to our webucation emails so you can avoid making a mistake that might harm your business in the future.

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