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Welcome to ARKtechNew to ARKtech? Welcome! We invite you to embark on an armchair safari designed to help your business survive and thrive using the power of the Internet.

Aboard the ark, you’ll be under the guidance of the ARKlady, a cyber-jungle trailblazer who has been online since 1995 when she literally “fell” into the online world.

You’ll take comfort in the fact that her expertise comes from both the practical knowledge as a business owner and professional training specific to online marketing, reputation and related topics.

Can ARKtech Assist You?

ARKtech.Co provides resources and services to a variety of business owners. We work with both brick and mortar establishments as well as with service businesses that travel to assist clients, customers and patients at their locations. The ARKlady has a special interest in organizations, maritime and green (eco-friendly) industries with 11 or more employees but we do have smaller clients as well.

If you do not currently have a monthly marketing budget established, we are not a good fit, but please take advantage of the Web-U-Cation options and DIY resources (learn more further down this page).

What Makes ARKtech Different?

ARKtech.Co offers full service Reputation Marketing Services and specializes in reputation and leveraging online customer reviews for ranking and conversions. The ARKlady is the founder of the Virtual Clipboard System and creator of the 5 Steps to 5 Stars Method, and O2O marketing. Our values include professionalism, quality, integrity, & service. (Read a few testimonials here.)

Our goal is to enter into ongoing, long-term business relationships with clients but realize not all businesses have that luxury. Feel free to ask about shorter duration or visit the DIY options for promoting your business online.

What makes ARKtech.Co unique? We were one of an estimated 100 businesses globally that licensed a patented proprietary system and strategies designed to get you faster results.

If you are seeking a strategic reputation and marketing strategy that becomes a referral engine, that is our specialty. We also have resources and referral partners to help with:

  • creating, building, fixing & marketing business reputation
  • SEO site redesign consulting
  • local business listing optimization (LBLO)
  • other related services

Options include:

In addition to fee based services, we are thrilled to say that we offer sponsored programs and referral partners who help provide you with low cost and no cost resources.

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The Jungle Trail

Jump onto the jungle trail that best addresses your most important need. In this case, consider starting with the topic that is most vital to your business such as Reputation
Read more about us on our About TeamARK page.

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