Facebook for Business (Class Resources)

Facebook for Business Training

Facebook Places
Business page tied to location based search results, accompanied by a map of the region in question. Allows check-ins and deals for promotional purposes.

Facebook Business Page
Social network that people can “Like” to keep abreast of your business that is unlimited and have a variety of promotional capability that personal profiles do not. Some of these include map integration, events, social network integration, and deals.

Facebook Personal Profile
This is where people submit a “Friend” request and is not designed for business. Once originally necessary to create a business page, using a personal profile page for business is actually against the terms of service, although the business owner may create on to manage a page under the owners name, it is no longer necessary. Using a personal page limits friends to 5,000 and does not have the business page integration or promotional advantages necessary for success.

Facebook Insights
Graph platform that shows activity, demographics, and other trends over time.