QR Code – Smart Code

QR Code or Smart Code technology confusing you? If so, you are not alone. Many small businesses have not kept up with the fast moving technology involving mobile.

First popular in Japan, the codes are trendy with different types of businesses and are more sophisticated since they first began getting popular attention a few years ago. Business owners can use them in a variety of ways to help customers or to drive sales.

The codes themselves have become more flashy and sophisticated. Some like to flavor them with color or customize with their logos. Proximity marketing, analytics, sophisticated delivery and other updates collect important data.

Today, more than ever it essential to consider using these types of tools for events, promotions, after hour sales, and much more. You might have some great business ideas for using them, which we hope you will share.

If you are not using them, consider the fact that 4 out of 5 consumers use mobile to shop, and if you are a business owner, check out these mobile factoids if you need convincing.

Today there are many ways to generate QR Codes and even more code readers to scan/read them. Need mobile marketing ideas? This oldie but goodie segment will get you thinking.

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