Business PPC

Business PPC (business pay-per-click) is an online advertising tool that can be used effectively for lead generation if done right. In this Web-U-Cation #ARKtech short, the ARKlady discusses the basics of pay-per-click advertising with PPC expert, Chris Stinson.

This pay-per-click for business discussion explores the basics about what PPC is, how it can be used, common mistakes new ppc users make, and discussion of why targeted traffic is better than more traffic.

Finally, ARKtech’s Authorized Adwords Professional talks about the importance of tracking through analytics (measurement that identifies where people click, what ads they click on, and where they go) as well as the importance of using call tracking and specific landing pages in conjunction with A to B testing (a comparison of tests between two similar creatives to see which works better).

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Business PPC Video Runtime: 18:47

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