Authentic Reviews

Authentic reviews are essential to any online or offline marketing today.

However, the above video shares a big mistake some businesses are making.

Bribing or giving incentive’s for reviews are against the terms of service agreements of sites that allow people to review a business.

Obtaining authentic reviews is an important part of any marketing strategy but there is an art to it. Most business owners and staff are too busy with the day-to-day operations to keep on top of checking all the review sites and forget to ask for reviews–and the reality is that unless you get the customer, client or patient to leave a review right away or follow up to remind them, most forget or won’t bother.

So what can you do to get authentic more authentic reviews?

First, if you are a business owner it is important to get educated, and to educate all staff, about how to create a five star reputation culture.

How are customers greeted on the phone or when they arrive? How about during their experience? And what about after their service or purchase? In today’s market you must focus on engagement to leverage and enhance the experience both offline and online.

Next, you need a strong strategy and systematic process to be able to obtain authentic reviews and to have the customer or client willingly post them online.

This can be a daunting task and there is no guarantee that the reviews will go live due to filtering, or that they will all be positive but it is the businesses diligence and responsiveness that will convert consumers to customers or drive them to the competition.

There is a lot more to reputation marketing and if your business needs help with reputation marketing and removing the hassle and pain of creating, monitoring, managing or marketing it, contact ARKtech for help today.

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