Restaurant Reviews & Reputation

Restaurant reviews and online reputation can be a nightmare if handled incorrectly as this video shares. You can read more over on ABC.

This is a good illustration of why being professional and not handling reviews in public is important. It also illustrates why you need to remove your personal identity from that of your brand, even though sometimes they are the same and difficult to separate.

One of the big mistakes some business owners make is to forget that their behavior reflects on their business. Today, the online world can take that and market the good, bad and the ugly.

Today, more than ever, it is important to handle both negative and positive reviews professionally and quickly. There are specific strategies on how to do it correctly. Don’t leave your online reputation or Internet marketing efforts to a low wage employee, the damage could end up costing you potential customers, clients or patients and help your competition profit. And don’t make the mistake of responding when emotionally charged.

Using our proprietary system, we help educate employees on how to build a five star online reputation. Building a reputation culture is essential and if you have not been taking action, chances are your competition has–or will and that will likely be costly.

We’d love to help you avoid costly mistakes in the cyber-jungle and invite you to contact us for help or to subscribe to our web-u-cation series to keep informed.

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